A Game No One Can Forget.

Mohammed Salah, converting a penalty within a minute from the start of the Champions League Final. (Goal.com)

Liverpool FC, a gigantic name in the footballing world, with over 70 million fans worldwide. Liverpool is a team that almost always pops up in conversation about football, with 8 massive records occuring in only one season alone. They have been English Premier League Champions, Club World Cup Winners, and most importantly, European Champions. Only 21 other teams around Europe have been skilled enough to be crowned, ‘European Champions‘ and Liverpool are one of them.

So, why Liverpool? The passion for Liverpool all started when I found out about Jurgen Klopp. At the time, 2014, he was the manager of Borussia Dortmund, a German football club. Klopp had led Dortmund to 2 successive German League wins, as well as a European Final, losing to Bayern Munich. Someone who gets admiration everywhere, Klopp promotes hard work, passion and enthusiasm into his players. I, like many, have a strong admiration for Klopp, leading me to pick Dortmund as my favorite team. However, Klopp led Dortmund to a poor season in 2015, which resulted in him choosing to leave the club and join Liverpool.

Now, why do others support Liverpool and attend the jaw-dropping ground of Anfield? Well, to join the 53,394 (60,000 in 2023) others that have travel to Anfield to enjoy the same passion, football. Anfield has been the center of some major footballing moments, leading into the crowd roaring and chanting to a sound of 97 decibels, about the same sound as a fire alarm next to your ear. It’s an atmosphere that can change your life and bring you joy every weekend, forgetting everything with friends you don’t even know.

So, after Liverpool smashed Barcelona with the comeback of the century, down 3-0 to bring it back to 4-3, I knew I had to go to an English pub down the road to watch the final. I invited a few of my mates, supporters of Spurs, the team Liverpool would be facing, and we all met at the pub. We sat at our table, watching a cinema-like screen, with around 10 other people. Was it as special as being at the game? No, but it was better then watching alone, on a phone or tablet. But, as Mohammed Salah stepped up to take a penalty given in the first minute of the game, he put his whole foot through the ball and it smashed into the netting past the keeper Lloris. The pub roared with excitement from the older guys, as all I could do is yell, “YYYYEESSSS!!” It may not have been as loud as the stadium, but you could feel the passion and excitement from everyone at the pub.

Throughtout the game the pub would break out into the famous YNWA Anthem, only enhancing the atmoshpere, and although I could not be at the game, I was lucky enough to be able to feel the same passion as if I was, thanks to the accessibility and technology that we have today.


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